Statement by the Grand Duchy on Half-op Ciprian I

Royal Residence – Georgetown, Prsänëa

His Royal Highness’s Government of the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa has become alarmingly aware of the recent conflict between the owner of the MicroWiki website, Pierre d’Egtavie, and the King of Juclandia, Ciprian I, that included the trading of insults and heated conversation between the two people. Although originally unconcerned from what appeared to be a simple quarrel between two Community members, being not that unusual for these parts, the situation has brought up sides of a certain person that are quite frightening to the Grand Duchy, and His Royal Highness Wilary I.

In a way of sweeping Orwellianness, Webmaster Pierre d’Egtavie has done well to silence the reasonable pleas of King Ciprian I, and any channel for him to make his issue known to the public. The government of Prsänëa has thus far been silent through the removal, by Pierre d’Egtavie, of Ciprian I’s absolute majority democratically endorsed position as MicroWiki half-op, the “accidental” deletion, by Pierre d’Egtavie, of both Ciprian I’s MicroWiki and MicroWiki Forum accounts, and the completely unfounded and authoritarian closing of the MicroWiki Forum topic, by Pierre d’Egtavie, in which Ciprian I was forced to have administrator Alexander Reinhardt post his plea to the Community against his oppression, because he could not post it himself with his Forum account deleted. We of the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa call out Webmaster Pierre d’Egtavie as a textbook example of tyranny for his actions in his inexcusable vendetta against King Ciprian I of Juclandia.

If Pierre d’Egtavie would like his person and position respected by the members of the MicroWiki Community, and His Royal Highness’s government, then this Grand Duchy strongly suggests he reviews his policy of officially treating others in the Community, and learns to act less than so childish as to use his powers to silence others because they, quote, “crossed” him. Pierre d’Egtavie’s “ second condition” for Ciprian I being allowed to return, being that “he agrees never to speak to me again. Professionally or otherwise”, is found extremely amusing by this government, and we would like to point how playground level Pierre d’Egtavie’s diplomacy is. Furthermore, the Webmaster’s other condition that “[Ciprian I] is not having his half-op powers back” is extremely offensive to the members of the MicroWiki Community, including His Royal Highness, who had supported his appointment, and still have full faith in his abilities to carry out his position. There is no acceptable reason for this action, and only goes to further condemn the policies and courses of action used by Pierre d’Egtavie in running his website.

The Grand Duchy of Prsänëa will not be able to look upon Pierre d’Egtavie’s Webmastership with favour until he has the professional courtesy to undo all wrongs he has committed recently with his position regarding Ciprian I. Pierre d’Egtavie may have the authority as website owner to administrate, but he does not hold the moral right to launch personal crusades with his position. Half-op Ciprian I has committed no act which, under the rules established for the MicroWiki Community, would warrant this gross amount of action against him. We therefore demand the full restoration of all access to the MicroWiki Community for Ciprian I, without any conditions, and demand, as is the will of the Community, for the restoration of his rightful half-opship on the MicroWiki. This statement would have been made on the MicroWiki Forum, but alas, the relevant topic in which this was being discussed was closed without reason by Pierre d’Egtavie.

His Royal Highness, Grand Duke Wilary the First.


3 thoughts on “Statement by the Grand Duchy on Half-op Ciprian I

  1. Now, hang on a moment. In case you missed it, I stated on the “Open Letter” thread that Ciprian was free to come back. On the twin conditions that he wasn’t going to be half-op (on account of his vandalism of pages after I gave him the forum warning that kicked all this off) and that he didn’t speak to me, to avoid a repeat of this unfortunate incident.

    • The *page* (it was only one, the main page for Juclandia) was “vandalised” after you took away my half-op, not after you gave me a forum warning.

      Yes, it was indeed a silly overreaction, after a heated atmosphere, and I apologise for that.

  2. There is, above all, a sweeping sense of irony in this statement. It mentions Orwell in a way that only the Ministry of Truth would have mentioned Orwell. It seems the name Orwell is subject to a fair amount of inflation; it is used as a rhetorical means to lend a piece of inaccurate writing based on hearsay some credibility.

    I’m pretty sure it was not Orwell’s intention to have his name used by one who questions the behaviour of one side while glorifying the other, then proceeds to accuse and speculate based on hearsay.

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